Sunday, 11 February 2007

Geoff's Genealogy Update 12 February 2007

Another week of entering census data into my Family Tree Database. is a wonderful resource, enabling me to find so much information without leaving my desk. I keep on discovering so much about Bankes descendants - when I first started treeing about 20 years ago I could never have imagined such riches!

On Thursday I drove through the snow to my local LDS Family History Center and this third session completed my viewing of the Monkwearmouth Burials 1792-1845. seeking HEPPELL entries. I still don't know why there were so many burials of Militia men in the early 1800s - but there were! They came from Essex and Lancashire as well as the local militia. Maybe I'll find out sometime.

I noted that there were few HEPPELL entries, and this makes me wonder where my mum's cousin's clan emanated from. More research needed there! I've ordered a further microfilm - Baptisms at Monkwearmouth late C18 - early C19. It will probably be available to me in a few weeks time.

This week my younger son and I bought a laptop computer. I haven't got to grips with it yet, but it looks very good, and should be useful on visits to records offices. Alex wants it for more meaningful reasons - to do with his course at Uni. I need to get my genealogy software installed, but there's no immediate rush.

This was a quiet week for contacts with other researchers. They tend to come in fits and starts.

Time to sign off now, as I need to go off to earn a crust!


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