Monday, 30 July 2007

Geoff's Genealogy Update 30 July 07

Unfortunately, due to a technical problem, there will be no blog updates for the next few days. But all being well the blog will be back soon! Watch this space...

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Geodffs Genealogy Update 19 July 2007

Well, we were lucky! The open air performance of Much Ado about Nothing that we went to see last week passed off without there being a single drop of rain. I think we were so very fortunate. The next night it poured down!

The show was superb. Very well acted by a professional cast, and a good few laughs in there. Not as good as last year's A Midsummer Night's Dream, but by any other standards first class. Next year it will be a change from comedy to tragedy - Hamlet. I'm looking forward to it already.

The good news is that I have re-engaged my email from the Geoffs Genealogy website, so if you want to contact me you can. I will need to make some further changes to my email arrangements to try to prevent a similar ocurrance in future, but they will become apparent as they happen.

Not much has happened in the way of new treeing discoveries this week, but there is just one item worthy of mention. I have long yearned to find a family history event on the Bankes Pedigree that took place in Shropshire - my county of residence. Up to now I have drawn a blank on this, but last night - bingo! My wish came true.

On the Welsh line of the Bankes Pedigree (descended from Deborah Rand & John Price) we find a certain John Bankes Price (c1826-1897). A census entry had told me that that his spouse - Lucy Elizabeth - was born at Clun in South Shropshire, but up to last night I did not know her maiden name or the date and location of their marriage. Well, last night, courtesy of the Free BMD website, these pieces of the jigsaw fell into place. The lady's maiden name was Price - so her marriage involved no change of name - and the marriage took place in the December quarter of 1860 at ..... Clun! At last I have a reason to visit the excellent Shropshire Archives to add to my tree, and I shall do so as soon as possible. Of course, it has to be said that the Price clan were (are) only distantly related to my family, but nevertheless I'm quite pleased with this discovery.

That's it for now. Now back to that pile of data entry .....

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Geoffs Genealogy Update 12 July 2007

First the bad news. We have had to disable the email links on the Geoffs Genealogy website, so unfortunately if you send me a message via one of those links it will not reach me. The reason for this is that last Sunday some immensely clever person managed to send me 1800 returned mail messages. I know that once this has happened the volume of such spam is only likely to grow, so had no choice but to disable the address. This, I'm afraid, is the price you pay for using an email address on the web.

When we have time we will, no doubt, set up an alternative means of contact for visitors to the site to use, but that won't happen immediately. I'll keep you posted.

Of course, you can always contact me via this blog.

On the treeing front, not much to report this week. I completed my viewing of the High Wycombe baptisms at my local LDS Family History Center - noting all Wright entries back to 1750. To advance this research I need to look at some more films - marriages particularly. I'll get to that eventually, all being well. For now, I'm giving myself a few weeks off from visiting the LDS Family History Center. My search of this film confirmed, again, that my Guyatts were only at High Wycombe for a short time. I wonder where they were previously?

Most of my time these past few days has been spent working on the next edition of the Shropshire FHS Journal, which will be with the members in September. It's almost finished, and contains some good stuff.

I've also carried on updating my family history records with all the material we've discovered recently. The latest additions are the items I found when we visited The National Archives in May. Entries from the Calendar of Wills proved in the Principal Probate Registry.

Tonight we are off to see the open air production of Much Ado about Nothing at Stafford Castle. The weather doesn't look too great, but fingers crossed! At least the audience are under cover!

Have a good week.

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Geoffs Genealogy Update 03 July 2007

This has been a fairly quiet week on the treeing front. My only excursion was to the LDS Family History Center at Telford last Thursday, where I continued my progress working on the baptisms registers of High Wycombe.

I took the precaution of re-searching the entries dated from 1820 onwards, looking for Guyatt entries. I had already looked at this period during my visit to Aylesbury in April, but reprised it in case I had missed anything. Sure enough, there was one entry that had escaped my eagle eye the first time. It was the baptism of the first child of James Guyatt and his wife, Elizabeth. Caroline Matilda Guyatt was baptised on 14 September 1845, and was duly noted.

I am now as confident as I can be that I have recorded all the Guyatt entries from this record.

I then started looking for Wright entries prior to 1782, when Joseph Wright was born. So far I've got back to 1770, and noted twelve entries. Of course, it is unlikely that all the entries are relevant to my research, but if I note them all now some of them will probably fall into place when I get more information to link up with them. It seems likely that my ancestor was Joseph Wright, who married Elizabeth Atkins in 1782. I am therefore noting Atkins entries as well.

For my purposes it is encouraging that there appear to have been few people named Wright and Atkins in the registers at High Wycombe at the time I am interested in. Hopefully this will be an advantage in trying to trace my line.

That's all for now.